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July 03, 2004


it's a race war, not a war against western culture or ideas.


No it's very much a war against anything other than Islam.

It's not a race war, they seek to enslave everyone of every color under their form of Islam.

Why else would they let John Walker Lindh live?

because he was stupid enough to fight for them.

why else take caucasian muslims (such as pakistanis) hostage? if it's a war against everything but islam, why kill muslims?


Because the Muslims that don't believe exactly what they do are considered worse than the infidels.

It's just like the Christian churches...there are differences in beliefs. For the most part, however, the Christian churches no longer try to exterminate the heretics through brute force.

so then how is it a war against anything not islam? it can't be by definition when they are killing muslims


It's a war against their version of islam.

That's what I tried to explain in the above post...

This man was not even a true "Muslim" to them because they define what is and is not Muslim.


Let me just say this. Islam is not a religion of killing. Any who thinks it is is a robot who is enslaved by the hipocracy explained by Jesus in the Bible. God never justifies the killing of other men. God is love and God is peace. I, as an American, have no control over the decicions my leaders make on any particular day. Do I agree with all of them? No. Do I disagree with all of them? No. But killing helpless people helps no one. I will say that I support my military. And while I don't agree with my Congress for allowing war without having the balls to declare it, I stand behind my folks for carrying out what they have been told to do. Americans loathe war. But when we are attacked you better believe we will destroy anything that had something to do with it.

To anyone who thinks we will bow to the pressure of brutal beheadings, etc.: fuck you. All you will gain is the loss of your country. Once again, the sleeping giant was awoken on Sept. 11, and you will not win. You cannot kill Americans without sacrificing yourselves.

I hate war and I hate killing, and to my fellow Americas I would tell them that it is not a Democrat or Republican issue. But I will say that I will defend my people, and I will continue that defense until the threat is gone. And if that means that every confused Jihadist has to die, so be it.

Long live peace...but don't tread on me.




why would you expect them to face us head on, i mean we havent even realy done that either cruise missiles and airstrikes are pretty pussy shit tactics why would they face us in a fair fight? im not saying its right for them to take people hostage, but there not going to give us a fair fight when the odds are against them.

SGT  Slaten

I am a soldier in the United States military. I have many friends over in Iraq, even as I am typing this letter. I can consider myself lucky to not have lost any of them. Many of them have returned, with stories. A few of the stories have reflected the stories that you see on the various news channels, but more seemed quite different. I choose not to watch the news any more due to all of the bad things they report about the on going war. They always fail to mention the schools that we are rebuilding, the restored electricity, running water....the list can go on for days. Despite all of the attacks, there is more good things happening in that country because of my brothers in arms, your brothers, sisters, friends, mothers and fathers who are serving this wonderful country.
Rebuilding a country that is filled with these so-called terrorist cells is not going to be an over night operation. More people, than are reported by these liberal news stations, from Iraq are relieved that we are there doing something about the problems that they are faced with. Leaving Iraq now would be like asking a dieing man if he is ok, then leaving him on the side of the die alone with the roaches.

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